Gunter Heinrich
Botschafter der KIT-Initiative & Naturefund

International water

A book goes around the world
Discribtion of the project

The idea 

has grown through 20 years of life experiences. The disregard of the human's right for water, the ignorance of nature's laws by the adults and the deforestation of the rainforests are growing to an intolerable level .

People need a nature deliberate embossing.

The target

is, to give children in the early empossing years a better basic understanding of nature, so that following generations will have more braveness and engagement for changes. At the same time, an "example & take -part-activity " begins, that involves economy and politics.

The way 

goes through different countries with teachers, pupils, parents, foundators, politicians and employers.
The ressource therefore is the book "wonderful world of water ", that is translated to different languages around the world and is given to 6-8 years old children.

In this Issue:


In the early years of our embossing we gain our attitude for nature and social meanings.


We as humans are dependent on nature, because she gives our children the life in future.


1 billion people don't have access to clean drinking water.

Water is a human's right!

Project concerns & structure 


Today, nature is in the worse position. There is a positive change, but overfelling is more complex and the imbalance is becoming bigger and bigger.
The number of people who die from having no access to water and food that's necessary for life is growing constantly.
The growing number off nature catastrophes causes big suffering. A development with awkward consequences for the human being.
To turn the screw, we have to interest children and youths for those issues and make them fit for future.
If the number of people, who widen their view and show interest in education, nature and future grows, peace between peoples can be preserved when water ressources and climate zones move.
This project cares for a peaceful togetherness over country borders and builds up a healthful understanding for ecological priciples.



engagements in Germany and other countries, mostly with the background, that education in early embossing phases is one of the most important elements in the development of environmental consciousness. 

support if talent schools and an exchange of pupils of different nations.
each book that's handed over, a tree is planted. 

Project organizationncounters.

1. The cooperation with international commitees of organizations, contact realationships between pupils, politicians and ecology shall give a big attention to water as a topic and interest people for education, politics and nature, as connect and inspire people. 

3.  Different languages aren't to be borders but a cultural gift and the book's language. 

4. With the implementations of this world project as an international education- culture- and youth exchange program, important developments are in the focus:


A) ecological consciousness
B) filling people with enthusiasm for languages
C) social togetherness
D) embossing of ethic principles of following generations

5. The handing over of the book to children is connected with the planting of trees in Madagascar. Here in cooperation with Naturefund e.V. where we are ambassadors. 

6. The project in Germany supports the KIT Initiative e.V.'s project "wonderful world of water " with each book.

7. A handing over of the book in other countries is connected with the support of local school projects.


Through a medium in form of a book which is valuable in education, ecological and environmental consciousness is embossed.


Through the exemplary function to plant forests together with children and youths we emboss them.



Children who learn in the early embossing phases that it's worth to develop everything new, just more ecologically, have less fears of the future.

A self concept is growing:

Books have magical forces! They teach, guide and lead us, since thousands of years. We save this good and use it for the saving of our nature.

Why are this books that important for the early embossing phases?

First we learn what are the constant marks of this world, like significant persons, daily routines, laws and conceptual knowledge.

Second, the episodical memory is built, that has to do with language and ability of communications. During the first years of life, everything becomes coded in our brain.

The third big step in the processing of the brain is the development of a collection of knowledge to communicate by language and writing.


We invite you to guide our project:

Gunter Heinrich, author of the book and project developer: "To plant a new consciousness for nature in following generations is the real gold of the earth!" Markus Feist, illustrator and artist: "Pictures in harmony with nature show a future that's worth to live in!“

Gunter Heinrich & Markus Feist

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Gunter Heinrich 
Water expert author, journalist and publisher 
Ambassador of the KIT initiative & Nature Fund